Sarasota Co-ed Softball Leauge


This page is devoted to individual male and female players who are looking to play softball on your team.

Their name, phone number, age, and skill level are included.

They are looking for a team so give them a try.

You may find the next "all star" or someone who can prevent your team from forfeiting.

MANAGERS: call these players.

PLAYERS: When you get on a team, call or email to let me know when I should remove your name from this list.

PLAYERS: A good way of finding a team that needs players is to show up before game time and ask the team managers if they need a player for the game.

This League does not assign players to teams. Team managers choose their players.

Your information will be deleted after 6 months. You may re-enter your information again.

Good luck to everyone.Why not start a team from these players who want to be on a team? Just takes a manager and a sponsor.



Howard Kilman 941-870-2277
Just retired in December. Played competitive softball for 30+ years until 3 years ago in which I was traveling too much at work. Want to get back to it now.
Sara Schwartzkopf 941-929-4811
Played softball when I was younger... I played catch with some friends recently and realized how much I missed softball! I can play any position ... would love to be on a team and make some new friends. I’m 23 years old and can play any night of the week.
Mark Hazell 941-524-4964
53 year old male. Good player looking to join team.
Bill OBrien 440-339-1608
Good. Can play most positions, mainly outfield. 31 yrs. Old. Available all nights.
Scott Olschefskie 860-748-5779
played D1 ball for 3 years. Just moved here a year ago and looking to have fun!
Andrew Alsobrook 904-608-5107
Just recently moved to Sarasota for work. I am 27 and have played both Men’s and Coed competitive/travel ball. I can play any position, but prefer middle infield or outfield. I would really like to get back on the field and am available any nights of the week.
Lydia     Plunkett 479-422-1759
Average/good Usually play 1st or 3rd. 
Nathan Smith 941-234-6997
Played baseball until I was 18...37 now! Haven’t played in a while..but would love to get back into playing. Like outfield and 1st base.  
Samantha Lloyd 403-923-9896
looking to spare for teams from Feb 25 - Mar 25.

Ashley Mattison 864-300-1451 Aemflgirl4life@gmail.comExperienced player (second base & outfield) new to the area looking to join a team. I would prefer a Sunday schedule given the demands of my job, but could possibly entertain weeknights depending on the day.
Andrew Gluchov 407-765-4447     
I’m looking for a team to play on. I have played softball before and focus on 1st base or other infield positions. I’m looking for a weekend league spot.
Jonathan Campbell 203-455-4294
Austen Pomeroy 941-914-4311
I have been playing baseball/softball since I was 3 and am now 19. I got a very strong arm for fielding and also play well in field.
Sean Salinger 860-808-7389     
Played third base in my last softball team. But can pretty much play anything except pitcher and catcher.
Zac and Sarah
Hello - we are a couple looking to join the same team. We are both beginner/average. Sarah will play wherever is necessary. Zac has a few years experience as first baseman and r. outfield. We are available any night except Wednesdays.
Trish Sturgess 941-661-8905
Been playing for a number of years, just left 3 teams to relocate to Sarasota.
Kevin     Sharon 502-645-3388 
Lefty average/good can play any position lk bugs bunny can pitch in a pinch
Amanda     Moliterno 330-398-4162
24 years old 19 years playing softball 2008 Ohio High School Division II Softball State Champs. (Canfield High School) Catcher/OF *Can play any night of the week after 4pm.
Kelsey Marquez 320-471-1820
My husband (Carlos) and I recently moved to Sarasota. We would be looking for a Monday or Sunday team. We both played softball/baseball in high school so I would say we are beginner-average. 
Nicole Rodriguez 941-538-2205
N hapnick75@gmail.com
Ellen Levine 508-740-8455
I’m usually a pitcher...pretty acurate, can hit the strike zone without any difficulty, as well as field the balls that come my way. Would consider another position if needed... Could play any nite.
Jim Shields longshotsrt@hotmail.com 43, lefty, 1st basemen, good wheels, looking for a Sunday league.
Angela Alday 941-879-2234


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